Hypertherm 45xp

I have a base model hypertherm 45xp, I will be getting it cnc ready. Does anyone here know if both CPC machine interface port and serial interface board are needed? Part numbers: 428653-CPC and 428654-serial interface

Also which version of fusion 360 do I download? Thanks :pray: in advance

Are you going to get a machine torch?

I think I have to use machine torch with machine interface cpc

If you’re going to get the machine torch just need to get the cpc port then you can fire the torch and get divided arc voltage from the cpc.
If you’re intending on using the hand torch you can just wire the torch fire either inside the torch handle or inside the case and get raw arc voltage from the board inside then no cpc port necessary.

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Thanks for your response

So you’re saying that if even without the cpc port all i need is the machine torch and wiring harness from langmuir?

(or do i need the cpc port, machine torch, and wiring system?)

You’ll need the cpc port