Hypertherm 45xp with Crossfire Pro Compressor suggestions/thoughts

Hi! Getting my first setup with Crossfire Pro Table and Hypertherm 45xp machine torch and looking if anyone had any input on compressors. I am wanting to get a quieter one, if possible, but open to any suggestions or thoughts/missteps anyone has taken along the way. Thank you in advance - Sara

Everyone says they want a quiet compressor. I did as well. But seriously, the act of plasma cutting and the sound of 90 psi air hitting the water is pretty darn loud and carries further than the drone of a compressor.

You’ll spend more money to get a quiet compressor with less output.

What’s your budget? If you have a bunch of money then it’s not a hard decision.

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Well, I saw an EMax compressor on the Home Depot website (that claims to be pretty quiet) for around $2,800. Obviously, I’d like to spend less than that. I don’t have a lot of experience with loud vs quiet so it’s good to know you think spending extra coin on quiet may not be worth it. I just kinda wondered what other people were using too. Thanks so much for the response!

For $2800 from home depot you’d be able to get a lot better compressor from a industrial place or a automotive store. Like @brownfox says plasma cutting is louder then most compressors anyway.
Really a $2800 dollar compressor isn’t necessary a nice 60g with good cfm and you’ll be laughing for way less then $2800.


What about the Eastwood Scroll?

You just want a compressor that won’t limit your cutting potential. If you’ve got the 45xp then don’t go smaller than 60 gal, with at least 4 HP.

Also, be planning on what you will do to dry your air.

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Nice budget for a compressor. I am %100 happy with my $400 on sale 60 gallon industrial air. Keeps up no problem. And as stated above once the plasma starts up its like …What compressor?

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Yeah, I’ve thought about the air drier as well. I’ve heard conflicting things on them. Do you think they are 100% necessary for someone living in the desert? No humidity?

A refrigerated air dryer and air cooler do the same task but in different ranges.

An air cooler cools the air from its hot state from the compressor to ambient air temperature.

A refrigerated air cools from near ambient temperature to < 49c to lower then ambient a temperature.

Zero % humidity in the air is impossible. Your desert climate is more likely around 25% avg.

Psychrometrics is the study of the play between pressure, temperature and humidity.

Compressing air changes both temperature and pressure.

Cooling this compressed air will cause the water vapor mixed with the air to reach its dew point, now this water vapor condenses, and it falls out of the air.

Your 45xp’s air management is very conservative.

Mitigating moisture prolongs consumable and equipment life, improves cut quality, reduces random arc extinguishing.