Hypertherm 45xp just shipped!

I just got confirmation from welders supply that my 45xp shipped. Two months of waiting, questioning my decisions, and curbing impulse purchases for alternates has come to an end. Funny story: I have been watching marketplace for a 45xp everyday since ordering and they have been nonexistent. Today, the first one in two months pops up so I messaged the guy and was going to make an offer when I got the notification that mine shipped. Craziness. Anyways I hope this news reinvigorates everyone knowing that stuff is actually moving. (I was starting to doubt). I hope everyone else’s cutters come flooding in soon.



I feel sorry for all you that had to wait. I called around to local shops in the country and the folks at Harris Welding were amazing. They had a 45XP with a 50 ft machine torch on the shelf and they offered to swap out the 50 foot with a 20 foot machine torch from their inventory. I had it on my doorstep three days after the phone call! Amazing people and service. Needless to say, I have bought all my other items and consumables from them as well.

Then I hit the jackpot again and bought a brand new 20 foot handtorch on an Ebay auction for $155!!

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May I ask that for cutting carbon, how Max. thickness the Hypertherm 45xp can cut?