Hp 45xp hand torch or machine torch

Looking at purchasing a new hp 45xp and was wondering what torch to order with it. I’ve noticed all hand torches in the videos and pics online. So do I get the machine torch or hand torch and which one since there’s several to choose from?

All my boxes finally came in for my crossfire pro! Planning to set it up in a couple weeks.


Machine torch if you’re going to just use it for the Crossfire. Sometimes you’ll be able to get a package with a machine & hand torch for not a lot more than with just one torch. You can then use it for hand cutting too.

If you can only afford one and you are also going to use it for hand cutting then you need to buy the hand torch and use it for both - it’s not quite as clean an install on the table as the machine torch - you have to make sure it’s square to the table, you’ll need to remove it (& then need to re-square) when you need to replace consumables and you need to be careful not to deform the shield or nozzle when you tighten it into the torch holder.

You can’t use the machine torch by hand.


Have you received a price. I want one with machine torch but can’t seem to get a price from Langmuir

I started out with just a hand torch, and quickly got tired of taking it off the CrossFire. So I ordered the machine torch and have been using it for a while. Because of all the different things I do I couldn’t live without both.

how does it work just using the hand torch?

Functionality is perfect. I did try to use the silicon funnel as recommended as a spark shield but some molten slag got caught between the funnel and the tip and melted the plastic so I wouldn’t recommend the funnel, but rather one of the actual metal shields instead. Other than that zero issues using the hand torch.