How to set offset dimension in SheetCam? (SOLVED)

Any thoughts on this?

I have used other programs whereby you can set the Offsets from the actual line to be cut as an actual dimension…All I get when I check inside or outside offset is an unacceptable dimension to cut to…


you draw something…5" x 5" square…you select outside offset then it should cme out the same size…if you select inside offset it will be smaller by the kerf…

I do not understand why you are getting “unacceptable dimension”

The kerf width setting is the same as the tool offset in machining. The CAM program uses the kerf width, that you specify, to determine how far to offset the tool path to have the edge of the plasma stream cutting on your line.

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As @ds690 points out, the kerf setting in your tool setup is used to calibrate the coded cut line to the resulting cut line. The simple setup is to cut a square, no offset. The difference between the resulting square and the target cut is your kerf. Use that value for future cuts on either inside or outside cuts.

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I figured it out. I was looking at a small scale of the part. Because the size of the imported part into SheetCam was small, the applied kerf width offset looked huge.

solved then ?

yes,figured it out…ty