How to fine tune 16g and reduce slag

I have been playing around with different cut speeds and settings. I can’t seem to shake the slag. I can get it where it snaps off pretty easy with nice cut quality but I still feel like it’s pretty excessive. I ran about 20 tests at different amp, ipm and air pressure. I was just wondering if it is rare to get a clean 16g cut or if I’m just not yet finding the sweet spot. I have much less slag anything thicker than 16g
Thanks y’all!
Hypertherm sync 65
Harbor freight air dryer
Fine cut 45 nozzle.

Looks like low speed dross.

What cut height are you running? should be .14"

Have you try the setting from the manual?


make sure the work clamp is on the material being cut.

this should be automatic with the sync . make sure the air coming to the plasma is set a 110-120psi

“Optimum inlet pressure
For optimum system performance, make sure that the inlet gas pressure stays between
7.6 bar– 8.3 bar (110 psi – 120 psi) while gas is flowing.
Keep the inlet gas pressure at the optimum range to make sure that system performance is good for
all the combinations of plasma power supply, torch lead length, and cutting and gouging processes
that you use.”

try the book settings and see if the quality improves for you.

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So I had been running at book spec for the fine cut high speed. I’m going to check serial numbers on my nozzles annd verify exactly what they are. I’m anlmost positive they anre high speed. I will cut a couple examples at book spec and I will them post here. When I was cutting at 220 I wasn’t getting good definition cuts, the small details such as the Mickey nose and belly holes were sloppy so I started trying to back off a bit. When I lowered the speeds I got much cleaner definition. I am just now getting a bit more scientific with tuning this thing in. Do you think I should run the sync pressure settings? 75-78? Also random side note, do you have any bow in your x axis when you cut? I threw a level across some full length cuts and the beam itself and it appears to have about an 1/8” of bow. It would probably never be noticed but it’s one of those things that gnaws at my brain. I checked the tensioning of my through bolt and it did not seem “too tight”. Thank you for all the info.