How to acheive a smaller kerfwidth?

Hello would like to know how I can get the smallest kerf for my everlast 60s. I do know that I have numbered tips, but I do not now what to use or do to accomplish this. I have a project with some fine passes and would like to get some tips

what torch is on your machine? If should be stamped on the tip what size it is. Post a pic of your torch if you don’t know

I also have the 60s and ordered that big pack of consumables from their website. I’m thinking the 1.1mm is the standard 0.040" I think thier was some 1mm ones that came with the machine too.

Ah the IPT60 torch, you should be able to use s45 consumables but may need a new gas nozzle. I have tips in a .6, .8 and .9. The .6 would give you the smallest kerf but only good for about 20 amps.