How stable is Firecontrol 20.4 on your setup (poll)

Having used Firecontrol on my Crossfire Pro for a few weeks now I would like to get a feel for how everyone is getting on with it in terms of stability/crashing/freezing etc.

I’m not so interested in features at this point as 20.5 may improve upon that. What I would really like to know is if it’s just me or are others having stability issues.

  • Completely stable - never a problem
  • Sometimes crashes/hangs/spinning beachball
  • Always requires attention every use - restart/force quit etc

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You might want to hold this and redo it a couple of weeks from now after folks have a chance to run with 20.5 for awhile. There were a pack of stability impacting fixes in there from what they were posting in the run up to today’s release.

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Good point! Downloading now!