How close are your recpticles?

Hi guys! Have have a crossfire pro on the way. In anticipation I have cleared a space in the shop(two car garage) and started wiring spots on the wall, about mid way up, but I have enough extra wire to move the receptacles around higher/lower or to the side. What do you guys do? Do I have to worry about a ‘spash radius’? I think I will have the table gapped about 6-10” from the wall.

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as we all know water and power do not mix…if you are worried about splash zone protection…make sure the circuit is protected by a GFCI breaker…and install an exterior outlet cover over the receptacle.


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Thank you! I appreciate the advice! How far are your outlets from the water table?

I actually put an outlet on the table base with a full water tight box…then ran a cord from that to an outlet in the shop…that way my table can move around a bit…all my shop outlets are GFCI as required by code now in my part of the country


Cool idea.