Hobart 500i Postflow disable?

Wondering if anyone has disabled the postflow time out on their 500i or similar torch. I know some other brands have this feature.

For those not familiar - There is a delay of roughly 6 seconds after the torch has cut, before you can re-ignite the torch.

This is giving me trouble on smaller parts - I cant seem to get the staydown feed rate low enough to make all the cuts needed on a small bottle opener file.

The post flow, as I’m sure you know, is to cool the high temperatures in the torch after each cut cycle. Expect overheated consumables and ultimately a damaged torch if you disable this. Hypertherm (and most brands) will refire during the postflow……best bet would be to find a system that was made to refire for mechanized cutting. Jim Colt

Posting for those who may find this at a later date.

I went and added a delay in the Gcode of 6 seconds after cut finish.

Code: G04 P6.0 (the 6 is the time in seconds to delay)

Add in a new line… Below…After you see the M5 cut finish code.

I use an airforce 500i also. It is not possible to get around the postflow cooling process, a software change is needed per Miller. I tried putting time delays in between cuts, but found my post flow cooling time varied from 5 up to 20 seconds depending on what I was cutting. I program stops in between all cuts now, (manual NC - stop) and advance the program manually.