High Frequency start

is Amico power 40 amp compatible ??

If it has High Frequency start, NO. High Frequency start machines are not recommended for this system.

but , how to identify it?
thanks for replying!

Sounds like you are asking how to identify if your cutter is a High frequency start? Do you have to contact your work piece to start the arc? if so, its HF If the unit is rated to cut rusty or painted metals, you should have blowback pilot arc non-HF torch. But you cant just throw a pilot arc torch head on any old cutter… it has to be designed for it.

I dint have to touch the metal to start cutting, and have cut with it before painted and rusty pieces. just wanted to be sure it is safe for my new table. couldnt find it on recomended brands. bougth it on home depot amico brand.
thank you for your help!!!