High Frequency Start TIG (without table)

In addition to the razor cut 45 I bought. I also have a high frequency TIG/stick/plasma cutter. I know I cannot use this with the table. What precautions do I need to take to ensure the high frequency does not mess it up when using on a different project?

If you are talking about using your HF plasma and HF Tig, in my experience there shouldn’t be any issues as long as you are not using it on your crossfire (Dont use the crossfire as a workbench for them either, just sayin’). Also for good and common sense measure, make sure your receptacles for your HF devices is properly grounded.

Yeah no worries there. My tig doesn’t interfere with anything

Wanted to let everyone know that recently a customer attempted to use a high frequency start plasma cutter on their machine and as soon as the torch fired the machine shutdown. All attempts to get back up and running were unsuccessful and we are waiting to receive his electronics box back so we can repair it. Our suspicion is that the motion controller board failed. Please be aware that the CrossFire warranty is voided if failure occurs using a HF start cutter.


One reason I picked the package with the included torch - didn’t want to inadvertently get the wrong type (plasma cutting is new for me although I’ve been in the CNC world for several years).

I take it there’s no way to shield the control system or is it some kind of power pulse or feedback that traverses the trigger connections and can’t be shielded?

So in short

  1. Make sure the Crossfire is “Off”
  2. Ensure the Crossfire is not part of the ground path

Do I need to unplug it, or just be sure the electricity from the HF start does not go through the table?

I’m also interested, been fabbing up stuff for years, just want to be sure