Hi from Wisconsin

I am a retired tool and die maker who just ordered a Crossfire Pro. 8 weeks for the torch delivery. I hope is an over estimate.

Howdy John !! Welcome to the gang!! Glad to have you…

A few Wisco guys on here now!! I’m between Pewaukee and Menomonee Falls…

Don’t hesitate to jump on here once and a while and say hello… I’m sure you will find it an entertaining bunch!!

Ok. I used a plasma torch a few times at work, so I am not completely clueless about them.
I also programmed our Hurco cnc mills, and have used bobcad, pro e,one cnc, and fusion to design fixtures and automation parts, so I have a head start on that part of this adventure.

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Got two boxes today. Ordered Oct 22, delivery November 23, they are doing good. Under promise , over deliver. You know, the opposite of what old school salesman do.
We had a guy on our BOD who went into failing companies and turned them around. One company was in chaos because of the stupid stuff the salesman would promise. He came down on them with an iron fist and the company became profitable because production was able to make and keep a schedule. No more special expedited, gotta get this out ASAP bullfeathers.


Hey, I’m south of Oconomowoc and just got an XR. Still need to actually run it but it’s all assembled. Hopefully this weekend.

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Hopefully it goes well for you.
I am waiting on one box yet.