Hi from Michigan!

Hello all,
I am just getting started in a small side business to help with extra $'s, and hopefully do this part time when I retire. I have purchased the Langmuir Pro table and Razor weld plasma cutter. I am using Fusion 360 for Cad and Cam and it is working pretty well, starting to get the hang of drawing the files with this cad software. I have used many different cad software’s for design in my working career so it has made it a little easier but still a steep learning curve to get more efficient.
I get a lot of my files from Etsy especially the more artsy ones (I am not an artist lol), I really don’t like to make wedding signs and that stuff in general but it is helping make some income as I get started.

I am slowly adding items to my shop with the goal of being a full service fabrication shop and the plasma table being the starting point of a project, then having the ability to bend, weld or machine to complete the project.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you and contribute as learn new things.



Welcome Dan

The group of guys on this forum are 2nd to none, very smart . I have learned a lot by reading posts already made.
Oh and I am in SW Michigan also

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Welocme to the forum and good luck with the projects!!

Welcome to the forum @danj4164 !

I found that the Fusion 360 youtube tutorials by Product Designs Online are great! He has a beginner series that I highly recommend. Take them all in sequence and don’t skip any as he builds from one to the other.


Hi Dan, look at the projects and you will find a nice Red Wings sign I made for my brother. I’m sure if you know any Red Wings fans might be a market for it.

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Thanks for the tip… Subscribed.


Red Wing boots are the only boots I wear.

My feet are the shape of the inside of Red Wing boots.

Model 2416 it is the best boot going.

I used to run 2412’s but I switched from Red Wing red boots to Black.

Man! I thought only us old farts were whimsical! We can’t hold a candle to these… uh, … hmmm, dudes…!

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Standing on my feet, I definitely have more time in those boots than all my other footwear combined.

And I have another set that I don’t wear for work that I use as dress shoes if I take my wife out.

Best boot going.

I’m pretty sure he made the sign of the hockey team logo, but yes they are good boots! I used to live just up the road from the boot factory in MN back in the 90s when they shut it down to “offshore” production.


I never even thought of the hockey team.
I thought about boots and then I thought about the red wing crockery.

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You’re such a romantic! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks I will check that out as many of my coworkers are fans of the wings. i don’t particularly follow it myself would rather watch football if I have spare time.

Thanks Tom, I need to check these out and pick up some tips.


He’s one of the best, that’s for sure.

Welcome Dan, Where abouts in MI? I am halfway between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo

I am located north of Grand Rapids near Greenville Mi.

you are not to far away good to see someone close by!