HF Dryer Upgrades

Did some upgrades to the dryer to add more reliability to it and additional functions


LOL! I am sure HF will be incorporating those changes into their next version!

Seriously, great way to improve an otherwise ‘cheep’ system. Good job! Too bad they aren’t selling these anymore, I might be inclined to buy one just to apply your upgrades.


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Without fail. Although with me blowing through two desiccant tubes a night, I’m not considering adding a manifold with drip legs. So @ctgolfer will have the last laugh.

I’ll be honest @num1husker I’m not sure what I’m looking at in the pictures. What are the upgrades and what are they doing?

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Well, I got the helium tank above the unit so it’s easier to lift off the covers, but beyond that…

Same, kinda wondering what upgrades you made. I see the drain tube routed through a fancy push lock fitting out the back… but I’ve only opened mine up once in 10 months so I don’t know what else is out of place.The helium lift device is impressive, but you should put the hvac vent cover/defuser back in your ceiling. Probably looks tacky without it.