Help with THC Razor45 with CNC

I just need some help figuring out what I actually have to do with the THC. I have the Razor with the connection for CNC, I am just not clear on all the wiring. Obviously I don’t need all that came with the table, but I for the life of me can’t find clear instructions.

Download the latest THC information from the website. It will have the most current information on how to hook it up. Mine didn’t look like the instructions I downloaded when I first ordered it. The jacks on the 45 have changed and they swapped sides for a while.

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thanks, so its only two wires, one from welder and the other to electronics box. I just hate that it is tucked in the middle of directions for everything else!

Yep that’s it.

Cool, you have no idea how long I have been going over all those different instructions, just to be safe. Crazy.