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Good afternoon,

I’m new to the CNC world and I’m currently putting together the XR. My question is when I install the x-axis ball screw the x-axis carriage. The carriage becomes very tight. Is this normal or should it move freely. I’m able to rotate the ball screw but it seems a bit tight to me.

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I put your post in the XR category so those who have experience with an XR will see it and can chime in. Also, you have phone support from Langmuir for the XR.


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Hey @dezihqe,

The XZ carriage should be tight along the x-axis rail but not exceedingly tight when the x-axis ball screw is installed. If the ball screw spins along the thread bolt and the XZ carriage is able to glide on the rail well, you should be fine. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any specific questions about the assembly of your XR!


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Thanks everyone for helping out.