Help with cut quality/ lead in

I have been trying to get my cut quality figured out and it’s been extremely frustrating. I can’t seem to get my internal cuts to make clean cuts. No matter what I do I still have little divots and only on my inside cuts.
Any suggestions on lead in/lead out?
Here are my settings in depth


Kerf- .025
Feed rate 80
Pierce delay .5
Plunge rate 65ipm
Cut height .06

Overcut .125
Lead in .055
Start at center of holes smaller then .125

I also have a path rule that holes smaller then 1” slow down to 70% and this is all out of 16 gage hot rolled steel

Any suggestions? I’m new to this and getting frustrated

easy fix…let me go do some snips to help you out. Are you using fusion?

Is your kerf really .025". I suspect it’s a bit wider than that and your lead in of .055 is probably not enough to keep the pierce hole from crossing over the cut line.

I would increase the lead in to at least .100" and reduce the overlap to about .060"

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I’m actually not 100% sure what the actual kerf is. I have the standard tip for the razor weld 45 plasma.

Thank you. I’m using sheetcam to get my g-code

This is what i do for fusion guessing something similar for sheet Cam. My guess is your selecting all not inner and outer individually if that makes sense for cut path.

Your actual kerf width is probably closer to .050"

Make sure you select “outside offset” in your jet cutting operation. That ensures that Sheetcam will assign the correct offsets to inside and outside cuts.

Okay thank you for your help. I will try these setting tomorrow.

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Awesome thanks for your help.

And check reverse cut direction.