HELP! part part getting bad cuts

part is getting these exit lines on the end of each cut loop and i cant figure out how to stop it

If it is the end its the lead out. Looks kinda like cutting outside cuts not inside. No lead in and a lead out or vise versa.

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What program are you using for design? It looks to me that the cuts are on the wrong side of the line. Those appear to be your lead ins.

A screenshot of the toolpaths would help. Just showing the finished piece is going to cause a lot of guessing at what the problem might be. You were asked to post the f3d file in another post about this issue, so one of the Fusion users could see if the issue is in your settings. Did you ever do that?


It said since im a new user i cant post attatchments like the f3d file so i wasnt able to, it is making the cut after it finishes the cut loop it cuts everything perfect but it leaves the torch on a littke to long after the cut loop is done and as it is moving to next letter it cuts that line

They are not lead ins and fushion 360

A few more posts and they should let you post your F3D file

You should be able to post by now. IIRC, the threshold is four posts…

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What do you have your retract height set too. Might be able to increase it so arc isn’t in contact with sheet prior to move. I have mine set a 2 inches to try to avoid tip ups. But with out knowing what table , pro , xr ,. What plasma cutter,. And what settings in fusion you are using. All we can do is throw darts at a dart board. My suggestion is a bandaid not necessarily a fix

Okay ill post it when i get home