HELP new guy in Colorado

Hello, new guy who needs some help. first do I need sheet Cam/Fusion 360 or does fire control provide what I need to cut. Second any suggestions on how to better understand the “computer” side of cutting Thanks

Firecontrol only runs code that is generated for it by a CAM program.

The 2 supported programs are Fusion and Sheetcam.

Fusion is a design and CAM program.

Sheetcam is only CAM and has a basic shapes library.

Langmuir has a workflow diagram on their support page.

thanks, once i sent my first question i read a little bit more I take it it would be better to download Fusion since it has design and CAM???

Fusion is all you really need, but some people have difficulty with learning it.

I can’t say too much about it, because I haven’t used it much.

I was already familiar with FreeCad from using it for 3d models, so I stayed with it and use Sheetcam for post processing. FreeCad isn’t great for art or text, so I use Inkscape for that stuff.


it depends a lot on what you plan to do with the table…if it is mostly graphics and signs…inkscape is free and easy to use…but then you need sheetcam…which is easy really…but if you want to get more into technical parts…fusion or a more CAD based software works well…

I have AutoCAD and can use it well…but I use inkscape for 90% of what I do…