Help in Massachusetts?

mikep from Massachusetts here

anyone out there in eastern MA or even RI who has a working table?

finding setup as a daunting task and would like someone who knows how to do it we can consult with locally…

just not what we expected and never would have purchased table if we had known what the set up and learning curve was…

tnx in advance

just not what we expected and never would have purchased table if we had known what the set up and learning curve was… Mikep that describes me about 14 months ago. I was expecting it to be rather easy. I had never touched anything CNC before. Let alone the programs to do design and such. Never even heard of a DXF SVG or a TAP file. Lots of reading, vids and help here from forum members I got on the right track. I have no regrets now but in the beginning I thought what a dumb move on my part. So now im waiting on delivery of the Crossfire Pro. There is a crossfire owners map you can add yourself to and see who is where. Dont give up . Once you get going you will have alot of fun making cool things.

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im in NY right near the border if you cant find anyone locally

Hi Jimt

I hope you are right but so far has been an un-enjoyable and frustrating ordeal. I am a retired graduate EE and used CAD software extensively for my work but this is like nothing I have ever seen in complexity just to get the thing to cut… in my opinion Langmuir should offer a complete package which includes a fully configured lap top with just what is needed to plasma cut with their equipment… I had to buy a new lap top anyway to run Fusion 360…

tnx for the encouragement
Mike P

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Can you describe at what point in the game you are at? You have a good back ground in training for this. Is it getting a TAP file ? Is it the actuall cutting process? So many people here with a vast amount of knowledge. Dont be shy . Beens you got a new laptop all you need is Mach and a cad/cam program. ConFusion is way more than anyone would or could possably ever need on a plasma table. Fusion is constantly updating things. Its hard to figure out if your watching vidieos before cam changed to manufacture. I use it, most the time I can get things done, if not i ask here and get a good answer what i am doing wrong. And please tell us what plasma cutter your using also.

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Hey Mikep, I am in Hartford, my machine is set up at my buisness, you can stop by and we can walk through the process A to Z anytime. My shop is not heated so a warm day would be best.
I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can run it and show you what’s up. It is kinda rough and overwhelming in the beginning but if you separate all the parts and take it piece by piece it will all start to make sense. By April you will wonder why you got so frazzled over it. There is a fella here @Jamesdhatch that got me running, we may be able to drag him over to help out if he is not traveling to some exotic land.


I bought a brand new Miller 625x with the automation kit to use with the table… haven’t gotten that far yet… the Miller works as it should and I can get it to fire by shorting the correct pins on the Languire connector which I adapted to the Miller cable… but agn haven’t gotten that far yet…

Hi ctgolfer

just very frustrating and seemingly over complicated for what it is… just the down loads and setting up the computer has been a daunting task… I think we finally have that in (as a 1’st order) and will see Monday night if we can jog the motors and run the break in file with a Sharpie on some card board… the post processing also appears to be overly complicated after watching the videos a “few” times… we wouldn’t have bought the table, lap top and Miller 625x if we thought we couldn’t make it work, but now I’m wondering?.. all the videos showing people making cool stuff with it proves it does work and we probably will take a run down to Hartford and see you after a while …


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I looked up the “owner’s map” there is an owner in the next Town…point 108

how do I get his info?


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Have you any CAM experience or just the CAD stuff you mentioned? The steps are fairly straightforward and very consistent with other CAD/CAM CNC tools (I also do lasers & a Shopbot CNC router). It’s not quite like using a print driver from Windows but it’s a million times easier than coding G-Code by hand :slightly_smiling_face:

If your local contact doesn’t work out, post again & we can help step you through the process or even make a road trip to get you going. It’s a step by step process and verifying each one before going to the next is key.

Where in NY? I’m in Schenectady.

I’m just outside of Chatham in Valatie

tnx for the reply

nope, no CAM experience in the group… is there a way to get “point 108” E mail address? would be the owner in Canton MA which is like 5 miles away…
tonight we will try to run the break in program and then go from there… I think we are OK to do that… I also assume that any of the projects in the “Fireshare” folder are ready to cut or do they all need more work to get them to cut. Once we know the basic equipment & software can work we can get in and try our hand at some simple drawing… maybe just a circle to start with.,


The ones in Fireshare may or may not path correctly without changes. They’re probably okay but there’s no guarantee that whoever uploaded it actually ran it successfully. That’s pretty much the case with other file shares too like too.

A circle & a square were my first two cuts too :slightly_smiling_face: I think I still have them & the piece of steel I cut them from.

Once you run the break-in program you’ll have the mechanics working & the communication from Mach 3 to the Crossfire. The next step is to use the manual firing mode in Mach to make sure the torch fires under computer control - F5 turns it in, jog the head around a bit and then hit F5 again. It should fire, cut while you’re jogging the head and then turn off. If it does that, move on with your simple cuts. If not, raise a shout out here and we’ll see what’s the likely issue.

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