Hello Im new (green as they come) to the game

from so cal L.A area, Union Plumber by trade, I just ordered the crossfire with all the goodies, idk if its a good or bad thing yet. you guys can yell at me. lol
I’m into mini bikes and bought this machine to make custom parts; exhaust pipe flanges, intake manifolds, custom flywheel covers, etc. and whatever other cool things I see lurking around here. I look forward to this machine, forum and Im sure friendships that come along



“Mini bikes” Reminds me of my 1970 Honda trail 70


D.R… Welcome to the forum… Sounds like you have a nice backlog of projects already!!

If you take time in getting set up, it will pay you dividends. Best advice: Read Read Read…!!

You’ll be making sparks in no time!! GL


Welcome aboard!!

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yes. those ruckus groms tacos and tube frame mini bikes. big community out here in socal. there’s a big event every year around October. “Joes Mini Bike Reunion”

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