Hello...Hello...Hello from Rochester, NY

Hello all! I am completely new to every bit of this. My husband bought the table a bit ago and it hasn’t seen much love as he is super busy. I am attempting to give it a go. It fascinates me and I am super excited.
As I mentioned I am super new to this and have never laid eyes on the programming part. I have gotten stuck on the dang bottle opener even with the videos right in front of me. Although I don’t think it is something I am doing but rather it might be a setting. But it is something that I have not been able to figure out.
Has anyone had issues with video #6: https://www.langmuirsystems.com/software/fusion#cad6
For some reason I CANNOT get the image to move! The arrows pop up as they should and I can move the arrows as if the image is moving but the image remains unmoved.
When I import the skateboard the move feature works as it does in the video. I just can’t get it to move when I create the image. Even when I create a simple rectangle and then attempt to move.
Not even sure if this is the right place to ask.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks for listening!

Welcome from Tennessee, I ain’t got a clue…BUT some folks here do…
Again welcome :tropical_drink:

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