Hello from Utah

Just got my Crossfire Pro with Razorweld 45 working last night. No real problems except the THC paper and the owners manual had a conflict on which port to use for THC and Torch on/off. The slip of paper turned out to be right, hopefully no harm done to the THC module from being connected to the wrong port initially. My thinking was surely the actual owners manual must be correct, nope.

I’m a hobbyist metalworker without a ton of experience yet. I’m hoping to do some ornamental work, gate and fence panels etc as well as offroad parts. That’s what I’m thinking right now anyway. I still need to figure out Fusion 360, for my first cut I just used the ready to cut poop emoji from Fireshare.

For anyone else in Utah, I’m in Lehi.

Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like we have similar interests.

I’m new also still waiting for my table… hopefully this coming week.

I’m in Logan

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I had the table for quite a while and needed the plasma cutter to arrive. If I had known it would take 2 additional months I probably would have just purchased a different plasma cutter I could get right away. The plasma cutter showed up a while back and I was busy with other things so I’m pretty late finally getting it all working. So far so good though, only the one cut but it worked well and the cuts are clean.