Hello from the Netherlands

I bought the crossfire PRO with thc. Metalworking on a computer will be a whole new chapter for me.
I started with fusion 360, but it was to complicated. I will only use it for 2d plasmacutting. So I started drawing in Solid Edge 2D.

I just made my first cut of my own drawing.
For drawing I use Solid edge now
than open in Sheetcam
Cut it with Firecontrol.

It felt like:
It’s a small step for man…


congratulations…I know the feeling…keep it up!!!

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I haven’t even started yet…is solid edge easier to navigate for drawing/designing in? I hear folks talking about sheet-cam, is it worth purchasing/learning over Fusion 360 when it comes to processing?

Thank you!

here is a link to a great youtube site for learning about sheetcam…found it extremely helpful and I actually purchased sheet cam…I like it.



Thank you very much!

Solid Edge is way more easy. If you only use it for plasma cutting 2D will work. So you don’t have to go into the whole 3D drawing.
There is a fifty minutes you tube tutorial. After you’ve seen that you’re ready to go.
Make sure you download the Firecontrol post processor for sheetcam.

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To clarify, Fusion 360 (and Solid Edge) are primarily CAD tools with the emphasis on ‘D’ for Design. SheetCam is a CAM tool and that is ALL it does, it does not do 'D’esign, but it sure does it well! You need a CAM function because this is required to convert your Design into the G-Code the CrossFire requires to cut your part.

Now you can do CAM in Fusion (assuming you can actually learn how to use Fusion) and you may be able to do CAM in Solid Edge (I haven’t tried that mainly because I’ve had SheetCam from the get go and, IMO, it is the number one SW tool for a CrossFire).

You can generate your design in a lot of different ways and tools (Fusion360, SolidEdge, Inkscape, Affinity Designer, etc) and, as long as the tool you use can output the design into DXF, SVG, or HPGL format, then SheetCam can use it to create the G-Code file for your CrossFire.

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Thank you for the information!