Hello from Texas - anyone have a table outside

Hello. Some know me as CUTWELDNGRIND and others simply as George.

I want to buy a table, still undecided which one and might need help choosing it. The issue I see is my temporary location is a 20x30 ft roof that has 1 full wall,3 open sides and a concrete slab with 1/4" slope per linear foot. I plan on keeping a tarp over the unit and against the wall when not in use. Will my table be safe like this or should I wait and build my metal building (3-6 months out).

The metal building will be minimum of 21x30 and I should have enough space for the welding and cutting equipment I have so either table will fit in there.

Should I buy a table now or wait to build my shop?

I would worry about moisture and humidity temperature swing in air affecting electronics.

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Where in TX? Out here in the west it wouldn’t be a problem. Where it’s more humid/salty I would put it inside for sure. Most people here even have their air compressor outside.

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I am in South Texas we can say Laredo Texas which is the city next to me. I think its fairly dry with a few humid days here and there.

I actually have all my equipment outside, PowerMax45, Primeweld CUT60, 2 YesWelders, 2 Hobart welders, 2 Titaniums but none of these have moving parts or exposed steel surfaces. I do know I pressure wash once in a while and my professional amplifiers (Crown and QSC) are corroded / rusted to the max.

I am not sure how much the price will change over a few months. If I buy today and have it stored I can lose my warranty quickly and wont be able to see if items are missing.

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If it’s just temporary, keep the rails and bearings etc. oiled up and you’ll be OK. I would worry if you were more by the gulf. I used to live over SW of Houston and all my tools rusted that were in the shed.

Sounds like I got some thinking to do. The metal building I am planning to build will be plain R panel with no insulation so hopefully it will help with moisture and humidity. Thanks for the input.

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Thanks, I am gathering all this information to try and make the best decision. I appreciate all the input. I even started looking for a small metal shed on marketplace just to store the unit with a bit more protection.

I do have a 12x20 wooden shed I made that can probably fit the smaller table but never felt safe welding or cutting in there. Well might take some measurements later today as another option.

Yeah i like the shed idea.You wont be disappointed with langmuirs machines.I found your channel on the tubber!

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@cutweldngrind I would buy it now if you plan on using it now. as long as you protect it from falling moisture and drain the table when your not using it i dont see any difference from being under a tarp vs. being in an uninsulated metal building…" my current setup". I live in texas as well.
as far as moisture goes… dont let the tarp collect water so make sure to have a high point that water can run completely off the tarp…they will leak with water pooling on them. Dont trap moisture on the inside by leaving water in table and covering with tarp…you will create a sauna like enviroment…not good for electronics or any of the precision mechanical interfaces.