Hello from So Cal – New to CNC

Greetings all! I just joined the forum after ordering a Crossfire. I’m new to CNC so it looks like I will be spending a lot of time in this forum for the next few months. One of the things I like most about Langmuir Systems is their active user community and forum. I have already learned so much from all of you and I know I am just starting to scratch the surface.

I have been doing hobby fabrication for more than 10 years and I’m looking forward to adding a new and very capable tool to my arsenal. I started doing welding and fabrication when I got involved as a booster for my kid’s high school marching band. Mostly things like trailer modifications/repairs, and design and build of custom equipment carts and props. The kids are all done with that now so projects the past few years have mostly been related to car restorations and modifications of my offroading rig.

I’m looking forward to getting to know many of you and benefiting from the huge knowledge base of people in this forum. Hopefully as time goes on, I will learn enough to pay that back to others. For anyone else in the area, I’m in Chino Hills.

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Hello Rob!! Glad to have you here on the forum… !!

Welcome to the fun! Got your air and water plan setup already?

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

KX9M – I am also a Ham Radio operator (KF6CNG). I mostly only use my license for mobile communications when offroading though so I’m not too active in the HAM community. My day job involves microwave communications and telemetry, so I guess my hobbies tend to go other directions.

JA6 – No solid plan yet on air and water. I’m still looking at what others have done and gathering ideas. I think air will be kept really simple. I plan to add a refrigerated air dryer to my shop air this month, so I’ll probably just run a secondary desiccant dryer right at the plasma cutter and connect my shop air directly to that. As for water, I’ve seen a number of different approaches ranging from just filling and draining each time using a 5 gallon bucket, to using pressured air or a small fountain pump to fill from a tank below the table. I’m pretty sure I’ll implement some sort of tank and autofill, but I’m still thinking about what will work best for me and how to implement it. So much to learn…

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hey @ToolJunky welcome to the forum.

I was like you a couple of years ago…but now I am a full fledged mediocre plasma burner.

things I suggest are the following…as dry as the air you think you have…it is really never dry enough…you go through a lot of air with plasma…a lot…this is one of the weakest points in the whole chain.

if you drain and refil your table…I do…I put a drinking water filter in line when draining my table…this removes 95% of all particles and keeps my water balance really nice and the water clean…dumping into any reservoir and not cleaning the fluid only makes it harder to maintain a high PH and uses more chemicals

just my 12 cents worth…

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Thanks @toolboy. A couple of great tips… I’m already learning so much just by reading through what you and others have posted here.