Hello From Nova Scotia

The back order waiting period has begun. Just ordered my crossfire pro.

Canadian here also…had mine for about a year now…love it.
be prepared for the tax man at the border to call you for the duties to be paid…it hurts…

Hi from the left coast. Just got my crossfire XL. 300.00 CAD total extra fees for the gods of UPS, CBSA and the Gouvernment du Canada.

Still worth it :grin:

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$300 for extra fees? you got off easy, i Live in Newfoundland and i got it with $880 extra fees for the crossfire pro.

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my CFO would have had my left nut for over that…

Wow! $880? I withdraw my whining… :astonished:

chiming in late I currently have a crossfire pro on order to nova scotia and am wondering about the duty to be paid, did you fill out any paperwork ahead of time or just paid the brokerage fee from the shipper ?

Welcome to the community! I think you’ll find this forum very useful.

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@toolboy is in Canada (Ontario I think) so he should be able to answer your import questions.

Since I’ve flagged him here, he’ll see the post and be along shortly :slightly_smiling_face:

brokerage and duty will run around $200 - $300…mind you I bought mine on the first order of them just before COVID so it have gone up…

and shipping is in a bad shape here in Canada…I should know I live in Ottawa and right now there are as many trucks as people downtown…

As for payment…you will either get a call from the broker looking for payment before they release it or as they deliver it they ask for payment by credit card…no big hassle’s

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Nova Scotia here bought my machine in Oct2021 , UPS just sent a notification to pay the duty charges. Pay right online and just wait for delivery. too easy. Enjoy


Was over 600cad duty in nova scotia for me. i had the option to pay on line or when it arrived. I paid the delivery driver after it was sitting on my garage floor.

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OUCH!!!..that hurts

thanks for info ! just making sure I have things figured out ahead of time, nice to know what to expect from a couple others in the province :+1:

I think they just pull numbers out of a hat when calculating duty. I bought a set of shocks a few months ago for my OHV duty was just over 200. one month later I bought the exact same shocks for the same price and from the same vender and duty was over 500.

My plan was to do self clearance at the border to avoid UPS tagging on to many extra charges but where its shipped in 3 boxes and I only have one invoice for everything I don’t know if its possible unless I let all 3 sit at the border and process it all at once, ill be to impatient to have the machine by then and will pay what it takes hopefully in the 600 range