Hello From Highlands Ranch Colorado

Got my New CrossFire Pro up and running after the Holidays. It was a fun project to start 2021 off with. Looking forward to seeing what I can design and build with it. So far the Bottle Openers and Computer Stand is the only thing that I have been able to build. I have run into is an issue with losing voltage once the cutting has begun, but Langmuir Support Staff is help me work through the problem.

nice to hear…we can always try to help if you give us system information and details

I had a problem with my machine acting weird yesterday. Turned out to be almost completely my fault, but that didn’t stop the forum from being a helpful place to bounce my problem off and get feedback for things to check.

There may be times when you can get the problem resolved faster through the collective knowledge here than via email w/Langmuir, but definitely don’t be afraid to email Langmuir for help like you already have. Ultimately if the forum doesn’t have the answer at least you’ve already got the ball rolling with Langmuir customer service.

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I live in the same area.

I’m still having some of the same issues with my Pro. I have cut out a couple signs and projects and then my torch stops firing. I have changed consumables, made sure the ground cable isn’t close to the USB Cable. Which I think was my problem the last time. Since you’r local I was wondering if I could pick your brain on what I’m doing wrong. I will admit I’m to the CNC world. Love this machine when it’s working, want to sell it when it’s not working. Thanks Ryan.