Hello from Hawaii

Hello everyone,
I’ve been working as a welder/fabricator, diesel mechanic, and occasional machinist for a few years now. I have experience running manual mills, lathes, and a legacy torchmate plasma table. For my 21st birthday I decided to order an MR-1. Fast forward to today, I’ve recently finished assembling my MR-1 and am starting to turn out parts. I’ve been lurking in the forum for a while getting some of my quesions answered and am finding the community quite helpful.


Woohoo! Congratulations. Remember to post your parts in the thread for that. You’ve reached a milestone here.

And Welcome out of the shadows into the de-lurking light :smiley:


The problem with being 21, living in Hawaii, and owning an MR-1 is that you will lose all sense of reality and end up drifting off into some fantasy land!

Welcome to the forum.


That’s awesome!! Congrats on the new mill! What island are you on? I’ve had the good fortune spend a fair amount of time working on 6 of the islands. You live in a great place.

One thing I have discovered in my travels is almost anywhere you go has its own beauty! Hawaii is exceptional!

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Born and raised on Oahu

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My wife’s aunt lives on Laie Point I think 2nd house from the end. Love LOVE it up there! My mouth is watering thinking about garlic shrimp at Ted’s Bakery and breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe… or a burger at the counter. Okay I gotta stop I’m gaining weight typing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Welcome to the forum.

Been to HI once. The Big Island and Kauai. Beautiful.