Hello From GJ Colorado

Hello, new to the plasma table world. I’m 27 now but have been doing metal fabrication since I was 13 years old. Currently awaiting the arrival of my Crossfire Pro. I have a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 39. Doesn’t seem like a very popular machine being used with any table so I’m hoping I’m able to get some help learning. Looking forward to meeting and talking with you all!


Welcome in. This sure is a fun learning experience.

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Welcome to the group!!

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Welome to te group.

I love visiting CO. My uncle taught me to fish trout there. Two summers back was RMNP. Stayed in Fraser, went boating on Grand Lake, rafting Clear Creek along the 70, dined in Estes Park. Beautiful.

Once took the kids to Dear Valley dude ranch in Buena Vista. Rafted the Arkansas River there and again while camping down around Canon City. Camped in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Did the Silverton Railroad from Durango. Skied at Pergatory again near Durango.

Was in a shopping center there in Grand Junction once. Was outside the car waiting for the missus when Thunderbird F-16 flys over about treetop high. Just about knocked me down. Bitchin!

We should retire there. Just love it there.

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I graduated from FMHS many years ago. I’m in Colorado Springs now.

I’m not familiar with your plasma cutter, but I will say that when I upgraded from a lincoln 55 amp to a hypertherm 65 amp I was amazed at how long the consumables last and the better cut quality.

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