Hello from East NC

Really looking into small starter tables and have been following Langmuir since I saw it on Facebook. Will sleep on it a bit more as most other companies are pricy and I’m just getting started in this. One of my concerns was computer system to run it but I do believe I read that others are using MacBook to run the cutting software so I’m getting closer to pulling the trigger.

Just recently a company came out with a verticle table but I have seen a couple of reviews regarding that company and their desire not to stand behind their product or their customer. For $25K I would at least like to know a problem can be solved before a customer puts a video review up a year later.

Welp, Here I am I’ll keep the forum posted as to what my decision is but I am really liking what I see in Langmuir!

Most everyone loves their table. There have been some folks with initial issues but they generally get resolved pretty quickly by Langmuir.

I’m actually pretty surprised by how few “I am so unhappy I can’t believe I bought this…” type of posts considering how many people bought it and how many don’t have any CNC or plasma or both experience.

I had CNC experience (Shopbot & laser) but no plasma (although my son was a professional welder for several years). Reasonable mechanical skills so got it put together pretty quickly & followed all the videos and instructions to get the computer side sorted out.

Been cutting some great stuff (at least from my point of view and my wife & others who see the stuff I make). It’s a great piece of hardware. Lots of help here if I have any issues (oh, also check out plasmaspider.com for general metal/plasma CNC info).

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