Hello From Bertram, Texas

Jason here, from Bertram , Texas. I own an automotive repair and customization shop specializing in former military vehicles. I have had my Crossfire table for just over one year. I purchased the cross fire as a way to cut costs by not having to farm out plasma cutting work. I also hoped it would help me expand my business.
So far it has lived up to my expectations. I have been able to use it to do production runs of custom bracket designs, and other custom projects. It has helped to cut costs, and grown my business.
I have used Fusion360 with the Crossfire to reproduce parts that are no longer available for some vehicles I have restored as well as custom projects for my customers.

My only regret. I should have purchased a larger table.


welcome…and congratulations

Howdy Jason!

Matt from NW Austin area saying hi! Really cool to hear about your success with the crossfire. I’m a garage hobbyist with pro. Mainly do personal art projects, random parts . Anyways, if you ever need emergency machine capacity hit me up! Regards

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