Hello from Arkansas

My name is Joe and I am about to purchase the pro table and plan on using an Everlast 62i plasma cutter with a machine torch. I should be ordering the table next week! I have never operated a plasma table before so this should be interesting!

@joehester - I live in Hot Springs and have been waiting on my order to be shipped. I purchased in September and it’s due to be delivered sometime in December. Just saying so you can order based on your needs. There is a metal company in Benton called PriefertSteel that sells flat sheet stock at a reasonable price. Will you be using for hobby or business?

Hey Casper! I just saw your reply, sorry it took so long! I will use it mainly for side business. I have a full time job but do welding/fabrication work on the side and hope this will help me get to where I can do more fabricating in the shop. I have actually purchased form Priefert a few times. Nice to meet you and thanks for the heads up on ordering!