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Hi! I’m new around these parts, from Lansing Michigan. I’m a welder/fabricator and decided to give cnc plas a go. I’ve used 3 different plas machines (lotus, hypertherm, and I believe it was a miller) for work but never with cnc. Looking forward to this!

Howdy Marshall… Glad to meet you and welcome to the forums!!

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Welcome Marshall. As you’ll learn, CNC really stands for Collection of Nutty Clowns and we have an abundance of them! Enjoy.


Thanks for the warm welcome @KX9M. How long have you had your table?

lol thanks @TomWS I guess that means I’ll fit right in :laughing: How long have you had your table?

I think it’s been almost 2yrs now… I’m currently in a state of switching from the OG Crossfire + XL kit to ------> (on it’s way soon) Crossfire PRO table… ABSOLUTELY cannot wait !! Trying to finish up some projects and plan ahead for some others… Been a carpenter for the last 32yrs and CNC was not something I knew anything about until jumping in a short while ago… With the help of this Forum and the love of learning new things, I’ve had a BLAST !!!

I have no doubt you’re in for an enjoyable time with the new hobby!!

Make sure once you get up and running, you post a picture showing off your “First Sparks” !!

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Hey! …Welcome to this band of misfits, clowns and wizards! we are a bunch with diverse interests, love to learn and help, so you’re in the right place! :nerd_face::crazy_face::rofl:

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That’s awesome! so you’re an og of the table, lol. good to know! Don’t be afraid to throw some tips and tricks my way.

How’d you decide to go from carpentry to this?

I’ll definitely post my first cuts if I can figure out everything, lol. I just installed fusion 360, firecontrol, and the break in file. I’m not sure if I need the “post process” file though??? kinda confused on that portion at the moment.

Thanks for the welcome @Cletus! glad to be here, sounds like a good group to hang with :laughing:. how long have you had your table?

Ha!! Good question!!

Well, still finishing up the whole carpentry thing… Have a couple more years to go…

Anyways, “Why go from carpentry to this” ?? Answer: "Cuz it’s not wood dang it "

LOL !!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Bought it in July last year and modified the crap outa it immediately (THC)! It’s paid for itself in about the first month (lots of bits and pieces for the hospitals I consult for) :nerd_face:

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:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: great answer @KX9M

that’s awesome! I’ve built a lot of kick panels for hospitals and other random stuff like generator platforms, hand rails, etc. what kind of items are you making for them? if you don’t mind me asking?

Welcome @Marshall, I am in Marcellus, Michigan. I am in the lower west corner in Cass County.

Beware! Plasma Project Disease, Adult males very susceptible, Symptoms’; continual complaint as to the need for a constructive hobby, Blank expressions, sometimes deaf to kids and wife, Always haunts garage or work shop, wont do work around house, Has nose in Plasma Cutting software and designing projects, the need to share information on the Forum. There is NO KNOWN CURE, the DISEASE NOT FATAL… Victim should design and cut projects as often as possible. Have fun!!

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lol hey @genesibley nice to meet you and fellow michigander at that! I am realizing the disease already :sweat_smile: as I am going through the tuts on LS website. trying to learn fusion makes me wanna rip out hair, lol. the differences in the tuts from a year ago to today in fusion alone is bit confusing. Biggest issue i’m seeing is the axis(z-axis) specifically seems to be in a different location now than it was in the tuts.
Anyhow, how are you and how long have you owned your table for?

I am fine! How about you? I have had my table for almost a year now. I am not sure what you mean about the Z axis being in a different location. I must have watched the Fusion vids about 5 times. And then certain ones several more while I was drawing and posting. The vids are a guideline. But as others have said “take your time” it gets pretty easy once the light bulb comes on. I know it threw me a little too. I have CAD/CAM experience so I had only to learn Fusion. The table is pretty easy to assemble. When you get ready to assemble the legs set everything up on some Saw Horses it will make it easy for that and to assemble the Cross Members too. And remember! The more Square and level you get the table the easier it will be to tram the X axis. The best of luck to you! Have fun….When you are watching the vids take notes and list the order that you are to do things. I made a cheat sheet and used that as I was working, makes it easier.


I’m a Biomed Enginer so lots of equipment installations especially related to the OR and Sterilization. So I’ve made lots of brackets and fittings for the installation of autoclaves and repair of OR tables, OR lihting and such.

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I got into metal as a SCUBA diver…I started making underwater noise makers out of stainless…then got into plasma cutting for art projects…then got the CNC to do signs…

I was a master Carpenter for 30 years…why metal…because you can fix a mistake with a weld…glue and sawdust don’t work as well for mistakes…


AMEN! :scream::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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And 2x4 is really 2x4 :grin: