Having trouble with settings (solved)

hi im baaaack, ive been doing little parts with minor issues and a friend asked for two signs. i thought with only minor defects like slag/dross itd be fine and id get to do a big piece. WRONG

im using hypotherm 45 xp .1875 material with 3/16 settings for quality cut with speed being at 90 versus 85

any help would be appreciated

i went through two sets of consumables, one set blew then the shield blew to. my guesses are speeds to high or im to close to the sheet but im just not sure anymore

What is your cut height set at and is your work clamp attached to material you are cutting? Make sure you have enough dry/clean air supply to plasma cutter.


book says .06 but ive got a slight warp in the material so im adjusting for that, and yes im clamping directly to material, recently drained the compressor dry and its never been a problem

You need to check your torch for damage and what is air pressure supply to plasma cutter. Looks like lack of air pressure, damaged torch. Are you sure of your cut speed setting.


Might want to grind/sand off a spot for that work clamp. You may not be getting good continuity with that mill scale and rust.

Could also be water in the air supply with the sporadic cut fails until it finally blows out the consumables.


Also check to make sure cable isn’t loose on the work clamp.

How big is your compressor? What size air hose are you using? Is draining that tank all you do to dry your air?


Draining the tank is not nearly enough to ensure dry enough air for plasma cutting.


tank is plenty big and torch is undamaged, also have an air dryer plus whats on my cutter

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Any codes on the plasma when not cutting right?

When you say air dryer are you talking refrigerated air dryer? Did your compressor run much cutting that? Maybe the compressor is running more and making more water. Looks like some of it cut ok? If so was that at the start of the cut?

Whats is your pierce time set at? Maybe its not on long enough default is .5 try a little longer maybe .8

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I have cut a lot of product and used different plasma cutters. I have been using the hypertherm xp45. I think you are going too fast. Dial it down to 40 ipm. And the power setting around 38 to 40. Air should be about 70psi. I have run tons of 3/16 at this setting. Little to no dross and what there is comes away with a cup brush and small straight across nippers, like breaking thin glass. Because the dross hasn’t bonded to the metal. 99% of the time its clean.

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How big of tank do you have on compressor and what CFM is it rated for? May have been enough to do small pieces but could be running out of air on this larger piece. To kill cosumables that fast sounds like water or not enough air if had to guess.

Speed was my issue, had to play awhile but cut it to 52 ipm seems to be my sweet spot. Thanks for the suggestions

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Now any suggestions for a quicker way to dial in settings for other thicknesses?