Has anyone used AI yet to generate art?

just wondering if anyone has used AI to generate viable cut files yet… wondering what prompt you used, and how it turned out.

here is one i tried. its something to work with, but not great.

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I have played around with it a few times in the past including this morning by coincidence.

I haven’t had anything cutable yet but seems promising.


nice! I noticed your images are cropped (as usual with dall e… arg) i have heard you can include “within a circle” or “rectangle” and it will create the whole image. I have not tried it yet.

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I can see some pretty good potential there. I’ve personally been staying away from all the AI stuff. Even being the old tech/gadget geek that I am I’m leery of it. Some of the stuff I’ve read about chat interactions seemed…off. Maybe I’ve just watched too many bad SciFi movies too.

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what prompt did you use?

different prompts along those lines.


excellent. thanks. I tried the “within a rectangle” and it did not work well… but “strictly inside of a frame” seemed to work better. not perfect, but better.
I like the idea of using “stencil”! ill try that!

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