Hanger Suggestions

I’m trying to think of small, low profile ways to be able to hang signs to the wall without the nails/screws being visible.

Other than making little L or U brackets with holes in them, do you all make any kind of hanger pieces that you can attach (epoxy or tig) to the back of signs that you make? If so, would you share what you normally do/use? How about a pic of the back of the final product?


This isn’t what you want but they worked great and it was nice to be able to make what you needed…

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I like to use a French cleat

There’s some more pics of it hanging in this topic.

I spot weld the cleat to the back of the sign


That’s because you’re Canadian! :rofl:

However, technically those are not French Cleats. A French cleat is constructed so the force on the wall and the hung part is predominantly in Shear. Yours will have a twisting moment. I’m not saying it won’t work, but it doesn’t have the full advantage of a French Cleat.


What do you bend with

Tins are version are actually French-Canadian Cleats. :wink: :rofl:

…and I like them! Simple easy and clean!


I have a roper Whitney 10 ft 16 gauge leaf break.

I also have a 4-ft box and pan brake

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Is that it, eh?


I hang signs with command strips.

Pot magnets.

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@daryl_egen I’ve done a few variations of this tab for mounting wall hangings.

Spot weld the bottom hole for hanging steel pieces, Bent at the cut lines. I’ve also used it with screws to attach the tabs to some wood backing pieces. Don’t have any pics of the tabs on the back of a piece but you probably get the idea :grinning:

The bend cuts allow you to either make a u shape if you want a bigger stand off or a slight bend for a more flat profile.

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Very similar drawing here too!! Bend into a “Z” shape and you’re good to go!!

Keyhole Hanging Brkt.dxf (159.4 KB)


Thank you!

What are the dimensions supposed to be on this one? Thank you.


Here you go…


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Thank you.