Greetings from Virginia

Hello all! New to the forum. 24 years as a certified ( 2 states, NC & VA ) Water / Wastewater professional, 10 years now as a hobby fabricator, welder, machinist. Not new to CNC plasma tables, just sold my 2’x4’ CNC plasma table by Premier Plasma on 9/9 and turned right around and ordered the CrossFire Pro on 9/10. Been using the Everlast 80S plasma cutter, LOVE it, with a machine torch. Just waiting on the delivery of the CrossFire Pro!


Welcome into the fold… What part of Virginia are you in?

Out in Culpeper

Lots of great knowledge here. I am down in the southwest part close to TN KY line.

Yeah, been skimming thru the forum and can see the knowledge. Already know that I want to do the water pan drain mod. Starting to look like I might have to machine a dimple die myself.

The drain is a very crude setup works though. I don’t do the dimple I just welded a piece of pipe to a piece of 1/8 ss then welded to the pan crude as well but fast and effective. I would also consider welding the pan some have no trouble others do.

Highly recommend welding the pan. Should be a breeze if you have any TIG experience.


You welders are Hot Stuff! :rofl:

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Thank you thank you. I usually get called a cold turd.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thought about welding mine once I get the pans but also highly considering running a strip of Dicor butyl Tape in between the two and bolt them together. Will decide once I get the pans and what kind of mood I’m in (TIG welding mood or Dicor Butyl tape mood)…lol

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Welcome! I’m currently in NC\VA. I’m in Loudoun now so you aren’t too far from me.

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now there is a profession that will fit right in with this crowd!!!..

welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the group!! Originally from Martinsville Virginia but niw in Texas.

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quick look at pic…SRV

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Yeah i worked for the Town of Leesburg for almost 2 years, worse Gov. Identity i have worked for in my 24 years of working for Gov.

I used to consider getting a premier before i got my og crossfire.Why did you decide to change?

A few small reasons, mostly nick pick things. Ultimately i wanted something a little bigger, mine was a 2’x4’ with actual cutting dimensions of 23"x47". So, im actually gaining 10" in the Y axis and 1" in the X. I wasn’t willing to pay out another $1,000 to make my table a 4’x4’. Just time for something new. It was a good table, had flaws and i still say over priced. Mine was roughly $5,700 almost 3 years ago when i bought it.

Welcome. I have been using the forum for about 8 months. Great info. FYI on the drain holes. I cut both holes out and installed two stainless kitchen drains. I also put in a small pump with a plumbed fluid basin. I have on valve that I close to fill and open when want to drain. Literally can drain the table in about 2 minutes or less. If you need more information on how I build the system just let me know…


got the same here…

Thats the direction i want to go. Any imformation on your setup that you want to share will be greatly appreciated!