Greetings from Texas City, Texas

Ordered my Pro 2/15/2021, cant wait to try it out. I work a full time job at a local refinery here in T.C., I have a 40 x 40 metal building that I do side welding jobs out of (mostly aluminum), I thought that a CNC Shape Cutter would be a great addition to my shop. My plans are to start off making various prefabbed brackets/gussets for fabricators and some custom BBQ hinges, dampers, etc. to sell and make a few extra dollars, then move on to other projects as I get comfortable with this machine. I have 7 yrs. Autocad experience which is what we use here at work, that being said, I’m hoping it will not take me long to learn this program, we will see.


remember…do not get frustrated…get informed…
read…do searches…and return to help others…

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Yes, Sir, that’s what I’m doing. thanks

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I’ll throw $.02 in…
I am an old hand on AutoCAD from waay back. My take on it is that the whole paradigm for making drawings is quite different between AutoCAD and Fusion360. YMMV, but for me it seemed like nothing I already knew from AutoCAD applied very much to Fusion or Inventor (which are very similar).
Be prepared to (or better, just start now) “go to school” to learn how to draw all over again with Fusion.
The good news is, Fusion/inventor are very intuitive thus easy for a newcomer to learn and get used to drawing all kinds of cool stuff, even 3D modeling. The problem lies in that if you are really good at navigating AutoCAD already, your brain isn’t trained to think in the different way those newer programs want you to work. It’s not a little adjustment, it’s a whole new approach from step 1. So at first, a newcomer to Fusion/Inventor is actually at an advantage compared to someone skilled with AutoCAD.

Anyway, the solution is pretty easy, it just takes a little time. Just go on YouTube and find a good tutorial channel. There are lots of good ones and tons of crappy ones, but you can tell the crappy ones pretty quick. Just keep trying. If you need a suggestion, I found this guy fairly easy to follow, but I’m sure it’s not the greatest or anything:
Just keep poking around different channels until you find one you like, then spend some time following along. Really only takes a day or two to get to a functional level and a couple weeks will make you a relative whiz.

I have an April estimated delivery too. Really looking forward to starting to play with it.
Good luck


Thanks for your input, I will take your advice and do some youtubing.

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package # 1 showed up yesterday, haven’t opened yet to inspect for any shipping damage. Box is pretty heavy, I hope all is ok inside, gonna see tonight.

Got my Box#1 last week. I hope I can get my shop remodel tidied up pretty soon. Got a fair bit to go but it’s coming along. Should be a pretty nice room to work in once I’m done, plus I’ll have a shiny new toy to play with in there eventually.

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this is my experience exactly…

thatis why I use AutoCAD for some stuff…and Inkscape for other stuff…and Sheetcam to process

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Box 2 showed up this weekend, haven started on the build yet though.

What’s your order number by chance?

order # 25498

I’m order #25253 so hopefully I’ll be getting a ship notification soon!!

THC showed up late yesterday, Drain pan is on the way.

The waiting is going to kill me, I just ordered today knowing it can be more than 2 months before everything ships, but still hoping! Meanwhile, I’ll be watching you get yours up and running I guess. :grinning:

harry, while you wait, spend as much time here on this forum and soak up as much info as you can. That’s what I’ve been doing, I feel confident about my purchase. I sill have tons of questions, but I will tackle those as the build/ learning process goes along.

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It’s all in, I have a few other projects to get out of the shop before I begin the build. Hopefully I can get started in the next few weeks. I got a backlog of jobs to get out.

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