Greetings from Idaho

Hello everyone my name is Jim Raynor. I live in the great state of idaho. I am a water/waster water plant operator. I am a drag racer from way back spent 10 years out chasing the nhra/ihra/adrl circuits. I have since semi retired from that.

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Welcome. Racing. Sounds awesome. I raced circle track as a kid and miss it.

welcome Jimā€¦most of us are very friendly and helpfulā€¦but meā€¦I am the grumpy old man hereā€¦heeheheheh

you have quite a interesting racing pastā€¦and what sounds like is a shitty job at timesā€¦


Hi Jim, I am hope, nice to meet you.

Besides, what is your hobbies, I like playing tennis, reading(well I am reading books about finance now), cooking, engraving(btw I bought an amazing machine from omtech laser which helps me a lot, that I do not need to do it by hand, saving energy and time)