Graphics not extruding for cut

Well, I’m not sure my clip uploaded but anyway… I have a .dxf file which I loaded into Fusion with both the batch DXF Utility as well as insert. Several portions of the graphic appear not to extrude. They are visible until extruded and thus are not part of the graphic to cut.

Any suggestions?

Extrude what you can.

Then start a new sketch.

Project all the contours that did not extrude.

Then try to extrude those profiles using the cut feature.

Another way.

Divide and conquer is a good method. Search dividing conquer there’s a few explanations of it out there in the form.

Another way.

Convert that dxf to a SVG using

and then try again.

Another way

There are some add-ons for Fusion 360 that repair dxfs.

There is also third party software that repairs dxfs.


And ultimately since a few changes in Fusion you don’t really have to extrude to create a good toolpath.

You could post the file too and I’m sure several of us on here will find the flaws.

Thanks! I’ve attached the DXF but CAN NOT find where the .f3d files are. Where should I look?
Wendy 12x18 3-14.dxf (4.1 MB)

top left under files. in the menu is export. then export a *.f3d file.

I’ll do a quick live stream of finding these errors

435pm pst

that is a tough file that wants to crash my fusion. I am going to come back to it later tonight.

oh it just finished

I did get it to extrude but it is a heavy file that fusion does not like. do you have the original drawing?

Yes, I’ve attached the CAD, .tap and the f3d.
Country Music v5.f3d (4.9 MB)

Coutry.tap (291.5 KB)
Wendy 12x18 3-14.dxf (4.1 MB)

I used the divide and conquer technique to get it to process. I did 4 profiles under a single setup. Of course my Cut 60 decided it didn’t want to fire today so Thus far I’ve only gotten as far as the small cut in the photo. At least this shows me I need to open up my geometry to get it to cut. Good thing I’m “retired”, otherwise this might take me forever. But I am thankful for the help. I’m able to learn as I go (albiet slowly)