GP Race Works new to the group!

I’m set for batch 3 delivery of the Crossfire Pro. New shop is almost ready to start moving into. Just got the floors polished this week!


Welcome…extra characters

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Welcome to the gang !

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Welcome GP Race Works, it will be interesting to see what racing things you come up with for the Crossfire.

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I have a few cool ideas up my sleeve. Been wanting to do this for a long time. Stay tuned!

Let me give you a start:

Shock spanner wrench,

Fuel cell wrench


Those are nice! What does the 14 CT mean?

That is our car number, 14 Connecticut.

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That’s sweet! I’m setting up some of my new shop this week. I’m working on a 69 Camaro with an LT4.

Got my Air compressor and dryer mounted. Next I’ll run the 1" Fastpipe loop system. Also got the xp45 delivered!


Love the use of the over head space!I will have to get creative myself soon.

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Thanks. I have a lot of space, but trying to keep things compact.

Been cutting 1/8 aluminum in been getting for free from a local manufacturer dumpster. They where kind enough to let me take whatever I want. All 1/8 and 1/4. Most scrap pieces are 24"x36". Not sure why they toss them, but I don’t care. Keep them coming.

Made this for my sons friend today. Took about an hour to create the file, and another hour to cut and post presses.


Nice Dumpster Diving!

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Well, has anyone attempted cutting there own welding table? I have a design done for a 32x48 one with 6" sides. I’m not sure if I want to do 1/4" or 3/8" thick. Thoughts?

I’d go 3/8" - thicker is always better if you have the option. Better rigidity and more thermal mass for a heat sink.

Make sure your holes are standard sizes so you can use commercial clamps and dogs. Those increase the utility of the table 1000%.

Mine is 1/2 inch. But I’m a baller. Lol. I’d go 3/8 for sure. Better for hammering, probably flatter and will stay flatter. I need to do what you’re doing and cut up my table top to take more clamps.

I’m doing 5/8" holes and will hone them out to be as perfect as possible. My supplier only has hot rolled available. Not sure it will make that big a difference. 3/8" is $230 for 4x8 sheet.

I have often thought of cutting my own table, 5/8" holes is the way to go. Warping is the big concern but you should be able to flatten most of it out with the tabs and crossmember. Also I would make sure the 5/8" holes are as close to 5/8" as possable, honing can be a bitch after the steel has been heated and cooled with water. Your kerf has to be dialed in as tight as possable and you better keep an eye on the holes as your consumables wear.
Should be a fun project, there are some pretty cool tables on
Good luck, make a thread and keep us posted.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to make a hole file and try to dial in the kerf, speed, and amps. Then I will have the cut setup to move back and forth to reduce heat.

Should I increase the pause between holes to allow ti.e to cool also?