Got shipping confirmation, Suggestions on what to do to prepare?

Just curious if anyone has some tips/ suggestions beyond what I have found so far in the forum for setup/ assembly of the mr-1. Looking into what I need for power outlet and concrete.

The forum has pretty much everything you may run into during assembly.
The modifications I’d recommend looking into would be the coolant drain modifications that people have done, and the 1/4-20 holes some of us have added to assist with tramming the spindle in.
Good luck, and if you get stumped on anything I’m sure the folks around here can help you out.

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I would look into the coolant drain mods, looks like the easiest mod is to use 1/2" PVC for the corner drains instead of the tiny tube, I modified to use the same tube but a straight through shot but still have issues. Theres a thread on concrete but i wouldnt worry too much about it, highly recommend a mixer make sure you dont use too much water. standard strength should be fine, if you get anything higher strength like Qmax you have to make sure you mix it in time some cure a little faster. I highly recommend building a couple 6" deep foot x foot ply wood boxes and doing some test pours if you arent very experienced. 12 gauge wiring for your 220 should be fine unless its a long run over 15 feet might consider 10 gauge.