Got my Pro running, First Cut video

Got my Pro up and running yesterday. Here’s my first cut video.

The build and install went pretty smooth, I’m so excited and ready to learn the ins and outs of plasma cutting with this tool.


Nice video!! And congrats on your first cuts!!
Sure, work on your electrical and, you’ll have it made…

You will probably benefit in the long run to connect your clamp directly to the piece of stock you’re cutting on… I’ve gotten by a few times myself… We all forget now and then…LOL…
I rely on a “cheat sheet” to jog the 'ole memory at times!!

Way to go!!

The electrical work was done today. That end of the building now has 200A sub-panel for the plasma and some additional large machines due in this week.

As for the ground clamp, agreed. We didn’t do that this time because the Cut 45’s ground clamp is a bit too large for direct stock connection (makes the stock unlevel). We’ll fix that also.

Thanks for the comment.

You will damage your pan cutting dry, filler up.

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We’re done ‘testing’. I’m going to replace the drain plugs, place and level, fill and power off new circuit. Thanks for the tip though. No more dry.

nice little video…
I really can not stress the water in the pan…one of the members here I know nearly destroyed his pan without water in it…
Please…Please…Please…move away from the cardboard and flammables …you are one step away from setting the place on fire…

Will do, thanks for your words of experience and safety. This weekend we’re organizing that area and I’ll clean up all those flammables and configure our spark protection.

I never cut without water in the pan. I’ve seen water tables destroyed by the overspray of the plasma arc. (Some folks have done that here & posted pictures.) Glad you got away with it, but if you’re going to spend a lot more time experimenting and getting things setup, you probably should get the drain setup the way you want and fill 'er up with water before cutting a lot more.

Agreed, our 2 minute experiment is over. I have the new drains, power in, fire hazards removed, final placement pending then start production. Thanks for writing.

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I would suggest using some eye protection when cutting. Also you need to purchase a machine torch holder that you can purchase from Langmuir Systems for around $75.00. You will damage your torch with that holder.

Thanks for the tips.

Just ordered torch holder. Didn’t know that existed, thanks again for the tip.

Not a problem. Glad to help!

What’s wrong with that holder? An issue I have to tackle soon…

By clamping it to the consumables only is not enough support for holding the full torch when in motion. With a machine torch holder you will be able to clamp it to the shaft of the torch only giving it full support. You will also be able to change your consumables without dismounting the torch from the mount.

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stinker is right…it is very hard on any torch to be clamped to the cup…it can actually deform the cup…and with a machine torch the length of it adds extra force on the cup.
then agreed…you have to pull your torch out of the holder every time you need to change the tip and electrode…

Thanks for info!

Thanks for posting and nice to see. What machine torch is the one you’re using and does it plug directly in to the CNC port on the razor 45?