Gen 2 z axis LS-THC

I am just wondering has anyone hooked up the new LS-THC control on herocut 55i it has arc voltage port and signal control ports already. I am just wondering I can hook with langmuirs cables into ports or are people using the raw voltage side I have seen both?

I have a herocut 45 and it as all the ports but still had to use the raw voltage and connect inside the box as the pins are not 50to1. hope this helps you. after connecting inside my unit worked great.

Where do you connect these I see one goes to torch and one goes to ground. Mine is a 1:1 ratio and it appears that you could possibly change setting to 50:1 or is it probably just easier to connect the raw voltage. I was just wondering if you possibly had pictures for I am not an electrician and don’t want to burn anything up?

You wouldn’t happen to have pictures of which wires you connected to for the raw voltage would ya?

Would anyone have a clue on how to wire up the raw voltage to a herocut 55i 240 volt? This is for the THC gen 2 version. Got everything is working just not sure which wires to attachments to. I have cnc port but its 1:1 not 50:1 so need to use the raw voltage

Shawn would you be able to show me a picture of how you hooked up your raw voltage ? This is all I have left and I cant find any schematic for wiring any where? Would greatly be appreciated