Fusion360 & FireControl Are All You Will Ever Need

Fusion and FireControl are the only two softwares that I need, to run the cnc correct?

Lets run through an example:

  1. Make a simple square with a hole in the center inside fusion.
  2. Create a toolpath for square in fusion.
  3. Press the Gcode button in fusion and save to any file of your choice on your computer.
  4. Open FireControl.
  5. Press the green upload button to find the newly made Gcode file.
  6. Press start in FireControl and let the machine run.
  7. Enjoy your new part.

Well I’m having problems with steps 3 and 5. With step 3 every time i try to save the G code it adds “.failed” at the end. Every single time. Without any explanation. With step 5 firecontrol wont even display the failed file in my file folder. As if it cant find it. But if i go through my file explorer the file is right there.

did you download the firecontrol post processor for fusion and copy it in to the POSTS subfolder within the main fusion folder?

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@nicaDd Okay so take the “Fusion 360 Post v1.6” file (which becomes firecontrol-v1.6). I right click on fusion 360 icon. Press open file location. Then copy the post file into that fusion 360 location? Is that what you mean? Cause I cant find the fusion 360 file in my program files. So I have to right click the 360 icon and press open file location.

go here:

then scroll down to “POST: Exporting your Part” and there are instructions on how to download and copy the post processor to the correct folder.

Okay so I found the post processor configuration settings in fusion. I changed it from the default to Mach3. Now it doesn’t add “.failed” to the file, and FireControl finds the file. But it can’t run it. Probably being that the code was generated for Mach3. But I can’t find the firecontrol post processor setting. I hate to bug you but I need live feedback.

did you follow the instructions starting at A5?

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Problem Solved. Sort of unrelated issue, but thanks. And I will never post the solution to my problem for future people to solve theirs. JK. When I get more time I will.

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Bro, post what the solution was, because it sounds like you just didn’t have the right post processor installed. I’m curious if it was something new.

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