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Ok someone sanity- check me. I posted here for a problem I was having with fusion. While I was waiting for a response, I figured I would try to check if fusion had a tech line, or a contact email, or something. I looked through the help topics…FAQs… nothing. I see where you cannot even get email help from the company unless you are a paying subscriber. Ok I get it that I don’t have them at my beck and call as a non-paying customer, but why can’t I at least send them an email. It forces you to get answers from a forum. So I complained on that forum that it doesn’t make me want to ever subscribe if they can’t support folks, paying or not. Again, I’m not asking for live tech support. Well long story short, I get 2 smart ass replies from their forum members. How dare I complain about a program I got for free. Just really flippant and rude responses. I guess I’m asking… am I crazy? Do I have a right to complain about support for a free program? Perhaps I’m just old fashioned.

Well, they never offered one on one support so it seems like a waste of time complaining about it, you’ll not likely change their mind. I’m astonished that Autodesk even offers a path for free use given their history of unreachable licenses. Why not get.on with the tools they are providing to solve the problem your having. Their forums and videos, frankly are far better tools to solve issues than phone support could ever be.


Thanks. Yeah I wasn’t expecting them to give phone support or anything. I just don’t like that you can’t even email them. And yeah I was a little frustrated when i posted… but I guess I expect a certain bit of give a crap about your customers. If I was going to subscribe (and honestly I’d still consider) it sort of sours me. I’m going to move on… and it is a great product. I’m sure I’ll like it better when I learn it better. I guess it set me off when both responses i got were dismissive and one was quite rude. Thanks for listening. Lol

Their forum folks aren’t as nice as we are :slightly_smiling_face:

Part of that is I think because we’re all starting from scratch with Langmuir (including Langmuir too) whereas Autodesk is an old established company and software.

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