Fusion Contour Error

I am having issues finishing a tooth path for a project. There are zero issues with selecting my contours when I’m creating the tool path. But for some reason when it generates the path it leaves one section out. And I cannot figure out why. It is not my lead in or lead out distance as the space is much larger. I have no idea, HELP!!

Is it a closed path or is there an open intersection on the object? You may have to zoom way in to see. Check the corners especially. There’s also an add-in for Fusion that will check your drawing for that.

I have been having problems with Fusion as well, if I don’t save and close the files then close Fusion and restart everything then all the lines will be connected.
It is a pain but it seems the lines do not populate correctly while drawing them until the restart.

Sometimes I use the “save as” feature and give it a new name to make it all glue together. Don’t know if the problem is my computer or Fusion.

From all the issues reported since the last Fusion update I’m leaning towards that being the issue.

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Ya, it did all start after that update.

I noticed something with one of the downloaded files from here when someone posted a troubled DXF I went from one computer to another with that file imported into fusion on each and the file had diferent nodes on each computer.