Fusion 360 trail time

I was told by autodesk fusion 360 is only good for 30 days now ??? Anybody know differently ??

The free trial is only 30 days. Still free to hobbyist on 1 year renewal basis.
Fusion 360 Personal Use


Thanks didnt know

Thank you! Did you completely uninstall and reinstall before the expiration? Or, did you let the license expire and then follow some kind of instructions? Just trying to figure out how to best renew the free license, because I followed the prompts to renew the free license and it still says my free license is expiring in X amount of days. Appreciate the help!

No need to uninstall. It is all handled through your account with Autodesk. Here is a video on how to do a Personal Use renewal.
RENEW your Fusion 360 Personal Use License

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Thanks got the video didnt know how to do it…